All aboard the Christmas Petit Train in #Guernsey 


Rainbow colour reflections on the black water, Guernsey

The way the colours cascade into the water on such a dark night was just fantastic. It was like a watery rainbow spreading across the horizon.


Three women aged 80+ serving prison sentences in England & Wales

There were 223 men aged 80 or over serving sentences, as at 30 September 2016, according to official figures.

The information was released by the government in response to written question laid in the House of Lords by Labour peer Keith Bradley.

The answer also warned that the figures had been drawn from administrative IT systems, which as with any large scale recording system were subject to possible errors with data entry and processing.

Thousands of over-60s are the fastest growing prisoner age group behind bars, according to recent Guardian article.

Storm clouds gather over Guernsey

These furious clouds, pictured, gathered outside St Peter Port harbour in Guernsey just hours before Storm Angus smashed into the island in November 2016. 

Quite a few trees fell as the fierce winds rocked the Channel Island.  The photo below was even featured on The Sun newspaper website.

Windswept Vazon Bay, Guernsey, with extraordinary clouds hanging overhead in November 

The west coast beach looking suitably windswept with lugubrious slate coloured clouds hanging heavy in November.

Liam Fox’s hunt for ¬£120k comms chief

Department for International Trade is also on the hunt for a £160,000-a-year civil servant to head up the Whitehall ministry. 

As the UK gears up to actually deal with the implications of the Brexit vote and leaving the European Union , Whitehall is putting together the department to handle trade deals with the rest of the world.

That includes  a £120,000-a-year communications director and a £160,000-a-year permanent secretary for the department lead by Brexiteer minister Liam Fox.

If you fancy applying, both jobs are open to UK, Commonwealth and European Economic Area nationals as well as certain non EEA nationals – although there’s not much time to apply.

Here’s a link to the comms job:¬†

And here’s a link to the permanent secretary role:¬†

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(Photo credit: Department for International Trade / Twitter)


Mervyn King’s ¬£10,000 retirement gift

This was a highlight from my time at MSN UK. My exclusive story was quickly picked up by other online and print media online, including national newspapers and internationally.

I obtained the story using the Freedom of Information Act – of which I have a lot of successful experience –¬†and many outlets linked back to the story and¬†referenced MSN UK.

It got great pick-up via social media, including from senior journalists, and was a top ranked news story on Google Рwhich the gallery below shows.

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