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UK Foreign Office racks up mother of all bank charge for late bill payment – just £124,970.08!

You might have got a charge for late payment of your credit card, but it’s probably nothing compared to the £124,970.08 charge that the British foreign office appears to have racked up.

The official response to a freedom of information request has outlined a series of so-called ‘fruitless’ payments made by the British government’s foreign and commonwealth office.

They include a £124,970.08 late bill settlement charge relating to expense and procurement cards supplied through a contract with the Royal Bank of Scotland. This is what the text of the FOI response says:

‘Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) charges incurred between 10th March 2015 and 4th March 2016 for late payment of expense and procurement card statements.

‘The Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) has a contract with Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) to supply expense and procurement cards. Late settlement of the bill in full led to an interest charge allowable under the terms of the contract. However, the FCO receives regular rebates from RBS under the contract which have saved the taxpayer a sum very many times the value of this charge over the last five years.’

Action taken by foreign office

It goes on: ‘The payment was deemed fruitless because the FCO made payment that brought no benefit to the FCO. We can confirm that an independent investigation took place and that appropriate action was taken.

‘To prevent a reoccurrence of this issue, immediate action was taken – the FCO now has payment by Direct Debit for all its RBS expense and procurement cards, and our card payments control has been further strengthened by implementing two new additional monthly checks..

You can read about other ‘fruitless’ payments made by the foreign office here.

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No 10 has “no OFFICIAL information” on prime minister meeting ALIENS

But what about “unoffical” information  – well that’s what conspiracy theorists may ask.

A freedom of information website has recorded a person asked No 10 Downing Street for “all documentation relating to the prime minister’s meetings and communication with alien entities not from our planet”.

The request also sought information on documents forwarded to prime minister David Cameron’s office relating to ETs, along with discussions and meetings the government has held in relation to aliens plus any material relating to “any contact whatsoever between this government and entities from elsewhere other than Earth”.

This is the response: “The Prime Minister’s Office does not hold any official information in relation to your requests”.

Depending on your viewpoint, this confirms the truth is really out there…

* This out-of-this-world request was recorded on, a freedom of information website.

Using the site, people can select the public authority they want information from and then write a brief note describing what you want to know.

The site then sends the request to the public authority, with any response received automatically published on the website.



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