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Daffodils in the mist. #Guernsey 

Heavy mist shrouds the Channel Islandm


Granite skies over Guernsey

Grey skies at Vazon on Guernsey’s West coast. 

Bird’s Eye! Aerial photo of #Guernsey and St Peter Port 🛩

Can you spot the ferry, Condor Liberation, pulling out-of the harbour in this aerial shot taken as I took off from Guernsey airport?

Here’s another shot, this time of St Sampson’s harbour. 

A beautiful sunrise 🌅 😊 in Guernsey 

A beautiful sunrise across a December sky over Guernsey. 

St Peter Port harbour during castle night, Guernsey

Lovely summer evening of music and gorgeous views looking across the harbour and four islands.

This looks like a toy boat, but is real. Guernsey

This dinky little boat also appears to almost be floating on the super calm water. 

The Pea Stacks, Jerbourg, Guernsey 

Simply stunning, who wouldn’t want to be here!