Liam Fox’s hunt for £120k comms chief

Department for International Trade is also on the hunt for a £160,000-a-year civil servant to head up the Whitehall ministry. 

As the UK gears up to actually deal with the implications of the Brexit vote and leaving the European Union , Whitehall is putting together the department to handle trade deals with the rest of the world.

That includes  a £120,000-a-year communications director and a £160,000-a-year permanent secretary for the department lead by Brexiteer minister Liam Fox.

If you fancy applying, both jobs are open to UK, Commonwealth and European Economic Area nationals as well as certain non EEA nationals – although there’s not much time to apply.

Here’s a link to the comms job:

And here’s a link to the permanent secretary role:

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(Photo credit: Department for International Trade / Twitter)



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