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Guernsey from the sky

Tropical island! 

Daffodils in the mist. #Guernsey 

Heavy mist shrouds the Channel Islandm

Granite skies over Guernsey

Grey skies at Vazon on Guernsey’s West coast. 

Bird’s Eye! Aerial photo of #Guernsey and St Peter Port 🛩

Can you spot the ferry, Condor Liberation, pulling out-of the harbour in this aerial shot taken as I took off from Guernsey airport?

Here’s another shot, this time of St Sampson’s harbour. 

A beautiful sunrise 🌅 😊 in Guernsey 

A beautiful sunrise across a December sky over Guernsey. 

Rainbow colour reflections on the black water, Guernsey

The way the colours cascade into the water on such a dark night was just fantastic. It was like a watery rainbow spreading across the horizon.


Storm clouds gather over Guernsey

These furious clouds, pictured, gathered outside St Peter Port harbour in Guernsey just hours before Storm Angus smashed into the island in November 2016. 

Quite a few trees fell as the fierce winds rocked the Channel Island.  The photo below was even featured on The Sun newspaper website.

Windswept Vazon Bay, Guernsey, with extraordinary clouds hanging overhead in November 

The west coast beach looking suitably windswept with lugubrious slate coloured clouds hanging heavy in November.

Honey, I shrunk London

Are those people giants? Or what the heck happened to parliament and the London Eye?

A view of Guernsey you may not recognise

The view from Lihou