The case for Ruth Davidson to be at the top Brexit negotiating table

Update: Does this confirm Ruth Davidson is being lined up for a key role with Theresa May as prime minister?

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Cutting through the multitude of talking heads on the Sunday political programmes today, is there a potential framework of how the UK discussions with the EU might go forward?

Brexit might mean Brexit, according to Theresa May, the next UK prime minister.

And she will be putting together her top team, and there is arguably a case for including all the nations that make up the UK.

Ruth Davidson: the case for her to be in the Brexit team.

Connected to all of this, is just who should be in the UK’s top team when it comes to negotiating the future.

Scottish Tory leader Ruth Davidson has proved herself to be combative but personable during the EU referendum debate. Sure she backed the UK staying the EU, and that could actually be a good thing.

It would send out a powerful unifying message on many levels. A remainer in charge, a Scot as a leader of Great Britain and a younger person to boot.  She’s even been in the army.

Of course, she isn’t an MP in the UK parliament but a safe seat might be found or perhaps a peerage to make sure she’s in the top team? During the referendum debates, she proved herself to be combative, sparky and funny. Surely, a good combination for the next phase of UK’s post-referendum future.

Article 50

The British government may not trigger Article 50, the rule to trigger British exit from the EU for several months – even amid pressure from some EU members. German chancellor Angela Merkel has also reportedly warned against rushing – and she now seems to be opening the door for a rethink.

Rupert Harrison, the respected former chief of staff to UK Chancellor George Osborne, has also taken to Twitter to suggest EEA Minus status. The EEA gives access to the EU single market without being members of the EU.

If there are new leaders both for the Tory and Labour parties, there will be pressure for both of them to make clear their positions on Britain’s future relationship with the European Union.

But there may not ACTUALLY be public appetite for an early general election – although that can change within a nano-second, if British political developments are anything to go by.


Any post-Brexit settlement within the UK could also be an opportunity for a new far-reaching package of devolution to the constituent parts of the UK. Could that range from tax, including VAT, and even immigration?



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