EU backs UK’s HS2 high-speed rail network with hard cash

Tens of millions of pounds from Brussels for controversial project, confirms UK government.

The little snippet of information was confirmed by UK transport minister Robert Goodwill in Parliament and rolls up together two of the most controversial topics in the UK at the moment – the EU and HS2.

And it’s argument for STAYING in the EU or QUITTING, depending on your viewpoint

“The Department for Transport was awarded €39.2 million for HS2 under the European Union’s Connecting Europe Facility.

“This funding will be provided in stages between 2015 and 2019,” said Mr Goodwill in a written parliamentary answer.

That’s about £30 million, and the answer was in response to a question from Tory MP and former Cabinet Minister Cheryl Gillan.

The cash could be seen as a positive reason for staying in the EU because helps support infrastructure development in the UK.

Or that the EU is helping support a project that is highly controversial with plenty of doubts about its validity.

And those wanting out might also argue that the UK puts in a shed load of cash anyone and that this amount is small beer in comparison.



Is the EU doing enough to help the UK steel industry?


Did Britain’s Foreign Office once spend JUST £7 on diplomats’ ceremonial dress for a whole year?



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