If UK quits EU, could it save up to “£102 MILLION’ on no more Euro elections?

The cost of UK elections to the European parliament has been put at the tens of millions pounds.

The issue has been raised in the House of Lords by Liberal Democrat peer Lord Rennard, who asked the government what was the total cost of conducting the 2014 European Parliament elections.

This is the written response today from cabinet office minister Lord Bridges of Headley: “The amount initially drawn down from the Consolidated Fund for the conduct of the 2014 European Parliamentary election was £69.0M.

“While the final cost will differ from this figure, depending on the actual level of Returning Officers’ expenses, it provides an indication of the cost of running the poll.

“The total cost of delivering election mailings for the candidates and parties who stood at the 2014 European Parliamentary election was £40.6m.”

The consolidated fund is the UK government’s general bank account at the Bank of England.

Taking a further look back to the 2009 Euro elections, and independent research unit Democratic Audit – based at the London School of Economics – came up with a figure in terms of the cost.

It came up with a figure of £102 million*.



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*Source: Berry, R, (2013) The UK spends approximately £150 million per year administering elections, Democratic Audit blog http://www.democraticaudit.com/?p=3537 March 8 2014 (accessed on 8 February 2016)




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