UKIP supporters could ‘vote to STAY in EU’

Poll reveals a chunk of UKIP supporters would vote to remain in the European Union if David Cameron’s renegotiation is successful.

Ukip is primarily known for wanting to leave the EU and the party’s leader Nigel Farage has been credited with helping force David Cameron into promising a referendum on Britain’s continued membership of the EU.

The 6% who want to stay in

The latest poll by YouGov shows an increase in support for the leave campaign – but it also reveals an interesting finding about Ukip supporters.

When asked how they would vote in the referendum if changes in the draft renegotiation between Britain and the EU are agreed at the meeting this month, 6% of Ukip supporters responded that they would vote for the UK to remain a member of the EU (excluding those who don’t know or wouldn’t vote).

The poll findings also suggest that Ukip is picking up support because of other issues alongside its long-standing policy of Britain leaving the EU (so-called Brexit). A Ukip spokesman described it as a poll sample.

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