Mark Zuckerberg is so wealthy he could build HS2 high-speed Birmingham-London rail link with cash to spare

The Facebook founder’s wealth is $47.5 BILLION (£33.4bn) with the bill for the London-Birmingham leg of the HS2 rail link said to be approaching £30bn.

Mr Zuckerberg would still have £3bn left to spend – maybe on fancy finishing touches to the new route or chip in for the second planned phase of the HS2 network further north.

The rising cost of the London to Birmingham route was exclusively revealed by Independent on Sunday deputy political editor Mark Leftly in November 2015.

Of course, Mr Zuckerberg and his wife have pledged to give away 99% of their shareholding in Facebook to a new initiative set up by himself and his wife for the advancement of humanity.


But it does give you pause for thought, both about the cost of building this new train line and the fact that one person can hold so much wealth.



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