‘Thousands’ of real and imitation guns seized at UK border

Some 1,163 real firearms are believed to have been seized by the Border Force in recent years.

That’s along with 6,737 imitation guns – including readily convertible and realistic imitation firearms – in the years between 2010-11 and 2014-15.

A further 8,047 seizures were made, which consisted of what’s listed as “other” type of firearms – which includes parts of guns, mace and pepper sprays, stun weapons / baton, air gas guns and silencers.

The figures were released to parliament by home officer minister James Brokenshire in response to a written question from Labour MP Keith Vaz about firearm smuggling.

firearms PQ

In his response, Mr Brokenshire added: “The figures quoted are management information, which is subject to internal quality checks and may be subject to change. These figures are not already in the public domain.”


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