There’s a goat who is a Lance Corporal in the British Army

There’s also two Shetland ponies who are lance corporals, who along with the goat, carry out duties.

There’s a long tradition of animals being official mascots for regiments in the British Army.

Mark Lancaster, a UK defence minister, said: “Official military animal mascots are a long-standing tradition in our Armed Forces and carry out ceremonial roles and duties.

“There are a total of nine publicly funded official mascots in the Armed Forces, all of which are attached to the Army.”

He provided the current breakdown in an official parliamentary answer after Labour MP Andrew Gwynne laid a question about the number of official animal mascots, their rank, species, rations and regiment, currently serving.

Here’s the list:

animal mascots PQ 120115

As a footnote, Mr Lancaster added: “As their traditional Regimental Mascot, an Indian black buck, is now an endangered species, the Royal Regiment of Fusiliers have adopted a British Otterhound as their stand-in Regimental Mascot; he holds the rank of Fusilier and is fed dog food.”

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