Will Ed Miliband Accept This Offer…

Labour leader invited to Jersey after firing salvo over tax avoidance claims

Mont Orgueil and Gorey harbour, Jersey
Mont Orgueil and Gorey harbour, Jersey

The chief minister of Jersey has invited Ed Miliband and says he’s looking forward to hearing from the Labour leader about a date for visiting.

Senator Ian Gorst’s letter, which has been publicly released, says: “As I have said in the past, and most recently in my letter to you last August, I would be happy to meet you, your shadow Treasury team and economic advisors to discuss tax transparency and disclosure.

“I should also like to renew my invitation to visit Jersey to see for yourself how the financial services industry operates and is regulated here. I look forward to hearing from you with a date for a meeting.”

Senator Gorst also said that Jersey is a long-standing participant in global efforts to increase cooperation in tax affairs.

“As Jersey Ministers and officials have reiterated many times in past discussions with the Labour shadow team, and as I discussed with you in Glasgow, the Island is fully committed to compliance with international standards of financial regulation, anti-money laundering, transparency and information exchange.”

Photo credit: “. Licensed under Public Domain via Wikimedia Commons


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