An English parliament after Scottish independence referendum?

There are calls for an English parliament to be created following the Scottish independence referendum – and the possibility of Scotland remaining in the UK but with enhanced powers following the historic vote.

An e-petition backing an English parliament has been quietly trending on the UK government’s e-petition website. At the moment, it has slightly more 1,200 signatures – but has won support from political ranks.


And could the pressure for an English parliament ramp up once the details of promised “devo-max” powers for Scotland are detailed – if Scotland votes to stay in the union? And even if it’s a yes to independence, will there still be pressure for some radical rethinking on how the remaining UK is governed?

Here’s the full English parliament e-petition (verbatim): “Westminster to become England’s parliament with MP’s only elected from English constituencies. Representative’s from the devolved assemblies in the UK to attend only when UK matters are discussed.”

Further links

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Would the UK need a new flag if Scotland left the union – here’s one idea.

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