Who would you like as #LibDem leader…

I’ve been testing the water to see whether people think that Nick Clegg should remain as the leader of the Liberal Democrats with a straw poll on this site.

It’s in no way scientific or a huge sample, but perhaps gives a snapshot of feeling.

Essentially, there is a big majority in the poll who think that it is time for Mr Clegg to stand down as the leader of his party.

Mr Clegg, who is also deputy prime minister, has given no indication that he has any intention of resigning his party post.

And there could be a whole host of reasons as to why this poll has produced these findings, but I just offer them up for discussion…

But if Nick Clegg did quit or was deposed, would he stay as deputy prime minister or would his replacement as Lib Dem leader take the job?

Who would get your vote if there was a new Lib Dem leader? Vince Cable, Danny Alexander, David Laws or someone else?

Have your say in the poll below:

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