The idea of Ukip winning 5 seats at Westminster doesn’t seem to be a “particular stretch”, pollster

Leading pollster Damian Lyons Lowe, who heads up the Survation polling company, suggests that Ukip’s electoral success could continue into 2015. And he is a man whose analysis has long signalled the rise of Ukip.

“The idea that they could win 5 seats doesn’t seem to be a particular stretch,” he suggests.

“There are a range of seats. If they were targeted properly and enough resources were concentrated on them, they are winnable.”

The pollster adds: “Ukip have filled a vacuum that has been created by the established parties.”

Ed is not on track, says union insider

Speaking to a trade union insider, there seem to be jitters at the very least about the Labour party’s prospects of winning the general election.

“The local election results have got to be a wake-up call for the party and show the scale of work needed to win outright next year. In some target areas Labour is well off the pace with just 12 months to go while in other heartland areas a historical lack of campaigning activity is being exposed by Ukip,” they said.

“Labour’s whole European election strategy has been confusing, lacklustre and underwhelming. Our position on a EU referendum appears to change depending on who you talk to in the party.”

The unionist fears coming a distant second behind Ukip in the European election will sap crucial momentum and morale on the ground for the year ahead.

“Labour’s local, parliamentary and European candidates have all been anxious about Ukip for months but the party only began responding at the last minute. It’s just not good enough,” they added.

“Can any of us say with any confidence that Ed Miliband is on track and marching Labour to Downing Street next May? No. There’s still just about time for the party to shape up but will need some radical changes.

“We’re going to need to be where voters are and bang on and on about bread and butter issues. Forget highbrow speeches to the think tanks. We need guerilla warfare not a debating society.

Ukip MPs in double figures?

Double figures – that’s the number of Ukip MPs there could be after the general election. That’s the assessment of a leading Ukip official after the party’s latest election success.

“Momentum is growing” and Ukip could spring a further surprise at next year’s general election, according to North East regional chairman Richard Elvin.

Talking about Ukip’s chances of returning MPs to the UK parliament next year, he is upbeat. “I think it could potentially be double-figures. I think we could surprise everybody.

“It might be just below double-figures, but that in itself would be a tremendous achievement. Who knows, the momentum is growing daily.”

The next 12 months before the UK general election

The established political parties will now be trying to work out how to deal with Ukip. Despite all the attacks thrown the way of Ukip leader Nigel Farage, his anti-EU party has scored major political success. Hold onto your hats for the next 12 months in the run up to the general election.

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