CV blog post

15 years experience as a journalist

Writing hard news, quirky news, in-depth features and curating/sourcing user generated content, and across different platforms – online, blogging, social media, print.

Interests include writing stories around trending topics on social media, politics, spotting off-beat / unusual stories as well as digging out ideas from data sources and freedom of information. I also cover technology and science.

Creating interesting, shareable and engaging content for the audience that I’m writing for is my focus.

I’ve been involved in helping build the brand of new and existing businesses, with successful leads coming from that work.

This first gallery shows examples of my work from stories, curation of user content/stories as well as social media engagement and interaction.

Stories, social media and curation

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It includes a photo blog post by former Buzzcocks drummer John Maher to trending stories such as the recent widespread UK snow, and the tech genius of David Bowie. There’s the story of the lance corporal goat in the British Army and how Royal Navy officers are still trained to navigate by the stars.

The gallery includes examples of retweets from TV personalities, politicians and other journalists with a substantial number of followers – for example former Tory MP Louise Mensch, ITV News presenter Alistair Stewart and Gadget Show presenter Jason Bradbury.

There’s also some awesome photos that I have curated for blog posts along with examples of interaction and engagement on Facebook, reddit and google+.


Previous positions include lobby correspondent in the UK Houses of Parliament and news editor at MSN UK.

Currently at online retailer, I oversaw the blog and social media as part of the marketing team.

I’m part of the team that launched from website content to overseeing social media, which is always developing marketing ideas. You can see examples of this work in the gallery above.

I also write my own personal blog,, about politics and photographs plus accompanying social media engagement and interaction – with examples in the gallery above.

Mervyn King’s £10,000 retirement gift

This was a highlight from my time at MSN UK. My exclusive story was quickly picked up by other online and print media online, including national newspapers and internationally.

I obtained the story using the Freedom of Information Act – of which I have a lot of successful experience – and many outlets linked back to the story and referenced MSN UK.

It got great pick-up via social media, including from senior journalists, and was a top ranked news story on Google – which the gallery below shows.

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Political exclusive – phone hacking claims

As a seasoned political journalist, I established strong contacts with a range of senior sources in Westminster and had multiple scoops, which were picked up by other media.

Contacts included Labour chief whip Nick Brown among others – and he revealed his fears that he his phone been bugged just as the furore around phone hacking was at its height.

The gallery below shows how the story was picked up across the media.

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My details

William Green

Twitter: @politicseditor

Facebook: Politicseditor


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