New chief minister of #Guernsey to be chosen in two weeks

The election of a new chief minister for Guernsey, in the Channel Islands, is to be held in two weeks time.

Current chief minister Peter Harwood yesterday announced he will quit the post, although he will actually remain in the position until his successor is selected.

Nominations will open tomorrow and close on Thursday 6 March. The island’s assembly, the States of Guernsey, will meet on 12 March to elect a new chief minister. If there is more than one candidate, a question time will be held.

The developments come after Deputy Harwood yesterday issued a statement, saying: “I have today tendered my resignation from the office of Chief Minister of the States of Guernsey. I have done so with regret but recognising the risk to the reputation of that office and the States of Guernsey caused by recent media interest in my previous role as a Director of the Channel Islands Stock Exchange.

“It seems to me that uncertainty concerning the final outcome of the investigation by the Guernsey Financial Services Commission into matters pertaining to the Channel Islands Stock Exchange would focus unnecessary media attention on my continued role as Chief Minister, and that attention would be to the detriment of the reputation of that office and the Policy Council.

“Such attention would also seriously detract from the vital ongoing work of the Policy Council and its sub-committees; the Special States Committees that I chair; and the departments of the States of Guernsey.

“It is now important that we proceed as quickly as possible with the process of electing a new Chief Minister.”


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